Greg Lauren Crafts a Green Baker Studio Jacket That Fuses Subcultural Styles

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greg lauren

For those unaware of Greg Lauren and his unique design tenets, the cut-and-sew maestro has long been revered for fusing disparate menswear codes; more times than not on a single standalone item. Over the past few seasons, the designer has devised a slew of pieces that combine artistic cues from two or more of the following genres: vintage sportswear, rugged military, and heritage workwear, with various cultural inflections oftentimes floating in between.

The artist’s Green Baker Studio jacket encapsulates the above sentiment precisely. A quick look at the piece does well to highlight the shirt’s forceful army undertones in what looks to be a cross between a CPO shirt and field jacket. However, upon closer investigation, its evident that Lauren swapped out the traditional lapel collar for a Haori—the Japanese word for the top neck sash found on kimonos. Elsewhere, a pair of flap pockets found along the chest area, along with another two cinch-style compartments resting above the waist adds welcome functionality into the fray.

The new Green Baker Studio jacket by Greg Lauren is available for purchase now through SSENSE. In other fashion news, Stüssy and Gramicci went to work on a pair of Zip-Off Cargo Pants.



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