Fxxcking Rabbits and FLAN Labs Go All-In for “Pudding”

Based on the popular dessert.
FLAN Labs Fxxking Rabbits

Fxxking Rabbits

Fxxking Rabbits

First under VANQUISH and later through Fxxking Rabbits, Ryo Ishikawa has been instrumental in redefining Japan’s ever-expansive streetwear scene. The latter, affectionately known as #FR2, can best be described as a creative platform where fashion and photography tunefully coexist with one another. New to the scene, is this creative mashup alongside New York-based label FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing) Labs. Together, both sides converge upon a culinary-inspired capsule centered around Ishikawa’s favorite dessert.

Fxxking Rabbits

Fxxking Rabbits
Fxxking Rabbits

Fxxking Rabbits

“Pudding” gives rise to a set of custard-centric renders that stylistically embellish a range of hoodies, long-sleeve crewnecks pullovers, T-shirts, socks and snapback caps. Offered up in an assortment of ways—a decorative cup and/or plated dish—the silky smooth treat playfully juxtaposes against risqué rabbit imagery—a famed Fxxking Rabbits staple—alongside creative co-branding cues.

Ranging between $30 USD and $180 USD, the the FLAN Labs x Fxxking Rabbits capsule collection will make its way to FR2’s website and FLAN’s web store in the coming weeks ahead. In case you missed it earlier, Supreme pays homage to New York graffiti legend, Rammellzee, with a colorful capsule collection.



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