A New Frank Ocean Track Will Drop Soon

Confirmed by the artist’s Blonded site.
frank ocean

Fans of enigmatic artist, Frank Ocean, recently received some exciting news. Those who purchased Ocean’s “Little Demon” 7” from his Blonded site were strategically notified of an unexpected change to their orders. Instead of the vinyl record mentioned above, a new, unreleased track would be included as a worthy replacement.

Ocean closed out 2019 on a strong note, with two new songs—one of which was initially teased in 2018 via Instagram. “DHL” and “In My Room” were delivered in October and November, respectively, leading many to believe that a full-length project is currently in the works. Customers were informed of the change via email on February 25, whom for those who wish to cancel, must do so before February 28. Although release details remain vague for the time being, the cut-off order window set for the end of month may in fact provide a hint of the song’s official drop date.

In other Frank Ocean news, the musician’s web store recently unveiled brand new merch for Spring/Summer 2020.



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