Études’s Collaborative Sweatshirt With Artist Chloe Wise Is Now Up for Grabs

Portraiture of real-life friends.
Chloe Wise spring summer 2020 etudes

Earlier this year, Études took the wraps off its Spring/Summer 2020 collection up on the runways of Paris Fashion Week. The high-fashion label toyed with the idea of “Diffusion/Illusion,” and how the absence of societal borders levied upon its people sway the human condition. Within that same thematic framework stands a collaborative scheme alongside contemporary artist, Chloe Wise. Littered across various forms of creative media, Wise made a name for herself critiquing consumer culture and commercialization in a way most others would shrewdly evade.


In 2018, the Canadian-born creator fashioned a painting as part of her “Not That We Don’t” initiative—pivoting around the notion that communal norms are put in place as a means to curb creative control. Friends of Wise were depicted next to PURELL hand-sanitizer bottles, conceptually alluding to the fear perpetuated from purity; specifically the obsessive need to attain such a freedom. Wise’s imaginative portraiture is found underscoring this French terry-forged sweatshirt. Fashioned from 100 percent cotton, a kaleidoscope of hues inform a palette that sees shades of green, red, yellow, blue and black cohesively line up next to one another.

Set to a retail price of $600 USD, this Chloe Wise x Études sweatshirt is now available at such retailers as SSENSE. In other collab-centric news, Louis Vuitton enlists the streetwear styling of NIGO in new “LV²” collection.



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