Dez Delmar Combines Artistic Originality & Immortality For His Debut Collection

urbancoolab spoke with the Detroit-based designer on his inspirations and motivations to create.
Dez Delmar

Like so many of the fearless creators that came before him, Dez Delmar drew artistic influence from the very streets that helped raised him. Listing Kanye West and Virgil Abloh as two artists who indirectly shaped his own creative catalog, the former have publicly stated the profound impact Chicago has had and continues to have on each of their respective careers; it’s fair to say Dez holds that same type of respect for his native Detroit. Although the city is often portrayed as rough-and-tumble with a rather turbulent social complex, the “Motor City” is blessed with unique architecture and a witty charm that contribute to its suburban demeanor; factors that add to the backdrop of Dez’s expressive output.

His journey began as a young artist who sketched objects that caught his eye, perfecting his craft first with pencil before moving onto paint and other visual mediums. His time spent at the College for Creative Studies, however, is where he began to hone his skills to a level he felt comfortable launching a career out of. In an honorary nod to the professors who helped groom his gifts into the mastery we see today, Dez seized an opportunity to tap into a space where art and fashion are one and the same. Here is where his namesake Dez Delmar brand begins to take shape.

The foundational cornerstone of what Dez Delmar represents is a basis founded on originality and authenticity in relation to stylistic influence and personal characteristics. In a world where society latches onto fast-fashion trends that are recklessly perpetuated by popular social media platforms, he is a reminder to stay true to who you are as an artist, but more importantly as an individual. His path is one forged from the fruits of his own labor, however, has no qualms surrendering his fortunes to a higher power. His message to those out there in the hunt to take control of their own destinies is to never give up, never surrender. Words to live by.

“COOL FOREVER” juxtaposes the rawness of Dez’s distinct design persona against urbancoolab’s advanced machine learning capabilities. Accustom to creating unique one-of-one masterpieces for those keen on eccentric sartorialism, his meeting-of-the-minds with UCL reaffirms a desire to reach an audience starved for something radically different.

We caught up the man himself to discuss his upbringing, inspirations and license to do what he does:

Can you tell us about your craft and your journey as an artist?
I am a creator, skilled with drawing, painting, and visual designs. As an artist, you continuously try to push yourself and try new ways to produce and express your work. As a young sketch artist, I grew to a creative fashion designer. 

What motivates you to do what you do?
My city, Detroit, is a big motivator for me, and the fashion icons that continue to push the bar like Virgil, Kanye, and Kim jones. My main motivation is myself, making myself believe that I can too become legendary.

How did your journey as a creator begin?
My journey began just drawing my favorite images, knowing with patience I could recreate an image exactly the same with pencil. The professors there took my drawing and painting abilities to the next level. Later, I realized it was more efficient to incorporate my art abilities with my love for fashion. 

What goals do you hope to accomplish with your craft?
I want to be internationally known. I want to work with all the high brands. I want my brand to live forever, years later when I’m no longer on earth. I want to inspire my peers to become great. 

What piece of advice would you give to someone following a similar story/path?
There’s a long list of advice I can give, but I think the most important thing is to keep God first and to never give up, ever.

What is the main inspiration behind your capsule collection?
Being cool forever. Under any circumstances, stay cool. I combined the brand name and wanted to orchestrate a cool collection.

How does it tie in to your brand story?
My brand is about eternity, being different, being true to yourself. So the collection ties into my story because being true to yourself is cool, being different is cool, and a lot of times in this world people have a hard time accepting themselves. 

What was it like building your collection through artificial intelligence?
It was a new experience for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was dope seeing the idea come to life.

What are thoughts on the increasing intersection between technology and fashion?
I’m here for it, technology continues to enhance day by day. It would only make sense to add a tech aspect to a promising forever industry.

Would you like to share any details on any new projects you have coming up?
I will be working on some handmade pieces for a fashion show in August.

Dez Delmar’s “COOL FOREVER” capsule collection is available now at urbancoolx.



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