Decentraland Is Set to Host First Metaverse Fashion Week

Guests can purchase digital wearables and physical fashion pieces.
Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week

Aside from cutting-edge NFTs that have reinvigorated the tech and art spaces like never before, chatter around digital fashion is another medium society is scrambling to take part in; Decentraland being a major talking point over the past few months. Described as the first-ever virtual world owned by its users, the mythical space is set to host the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week. 

Due to hit the world wide web on March 24, fashion brands will have to purchase digital real estate in order to facilitate whatever customer experience event they have in mind. From fashion shows and after parties to concerts and Q+A sessions, nothing is off the table. The forthcoming event is open to attend and free for all, with plenty of perks to be enjoyed by those in attendance. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase a plethora of digital wearables for their own personal avatars, on top of being able to secure physical items from labels who choose to go that route. 

“We want to help the onboarding process and push creativity and show everyone what is possible. We do this to show the community and other brands, ‘Hey, Decentraland is a place for shopping, everyone is wearing cool clothes and brands can release on the platform.’ It’s a way of bringing more people to the platform and making it more compelling for users,” says Sam Hamilton, creative director of Decentraland Foundation, in a recent interview with Vogue Business

In case you missed it earlier, noted Japanese imprint AMBUSH is gearing up to release its first NFT collection.



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