Daniel Arsham Created an Ultra Realistic Game Boy Sculpture

Dubbed 'CRYSTAL RELIC 002.’
nintendo game boy Daniel Arsham

Through the musings of his conceptual design studio, Snarkitecture, Daniel Arsham has been instrumental in aligning the architectural community with art and fashion in ways not yet previously explored. Last spring, the multidimensional artist unveiled CRYSTAL RELIC 001, which takes the form of a transparent cast-resin model of the iconic New York Yankees baseball cap. More than just a clever name, Arsham recently unveiled the next artifact to be featured in the rolling series.

CRYSTAL RELIC 002 revolves around Nintendo’s GAME BOY console, in what can accurately be described as an ultra realistic bust of the popular handheld. Even the most casual of observers will be able to pinpoint the sculpture’s instantly-recognizable D-pad layout, button configuration and name branding. Arsham did well to include a number of minute details that may have otherwise gone overlooked under another’s direction, including the legal jargon stamped on the rear, not to mention an interlocking Super Mario Land cartridge complete with uniform artwork.

Daniel Arsham’s CRYSTAL RELIC 002 will be sold in a limited run of 500 pieces and will eventually make its way to the artist’s website come January 17. Elsewhere in design, Modernica organized a special exhibit during Paris Fashion Week.



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