Cloud Yachts Sold a Yacht NFT for a Whopping $12 Million USD

Comes with a real-life super yacht.
Cloud Yacht NFT

With the sheer amount of NFTs that inundate the market on a daily basis, we’re bound to come across ones that sell for exuberant amounts of money; one such NFT coming at the hands of Cloud Yachts. Boat and yacht-related NFTs are not new by any stretch of the imagination, however, this new undertaking by Cloud Yachts in tandem with Tactical Custom Yachts is the very first non-fungible token project to include an actual real-life super yacht.

An unnamed businessman from Texas minted and purchased the aforementioned NFT on OpenSea for a whopping $12 million USD.

“We like the idea of pioneering a new process. The NFT could prove useful in ways I had never imagined – like having all the data from my vessel at my fingertips. It will be a real adventure,” shared the businessman.

Under the watchful eye of award-winning naval architect Gregory C Marshall, the ocean vessel will be constructed in Canada by both Cloud Yachts and Tactical Custom Yachts. Marshall’s first-ever experience in the NFT space got off to a rocky start, sharing “Everyone is still trying to figure out how the process will work. In fact, the initial crypto payment went to the wrong payee. We had it sorted out in an hour and had a good laugh about it. But we all recognize that mistakes will be made during the process.”

Upon completion, Cloud Yachts will also mint a second NFT for the owner, including all the characteristics and information any sailor of that Yacht would need to take it out to sea.

In other crypto-related news, AC Milan will soon drop its first-ever NFT collection.



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