Carhartt WIP & 2G Reimagine Rugged Workwear Staples

Featuring artwork from Hajime Sorayama.
carhartt wip 2G

Over the past few years, Carhartt’s collaborative footprint has been strewn across fashion’s multilayered landscape, with a handful of its signature silhouettes being dissected and reengineered in a host of imaginative ways. The brand’s impact on both, high-end luxury circles and informal streetwear clicks is a clear indication of workwear’s charm within the current context of casual styling. There heritage brand’s latest capsule is in conjunction with Japanese tastemaker, Poggy’s new 2G label.

Standing out amongst the lot is a creative take on Carhartt’s infamous Chore coat. Offered in brown and black, the rugged top features peaked corduroy collars, reflective seams along the cuffs and hemline, in addition to branded emblems underscoring the chest area. Stamped on the back is an exaggerated robot maiden image coming courtesy of Hajime Sorayama. Furthermore, a range of tonal field shirts, beanies and camp hats—all of which highlight simplistic branding from both names—round out the collection.

The 2G x Carhartt WIP 2020 capsule will drop online in two separate stages. The first drop is slated for October 23 and the second on October 30. In case you missed it earlier, JUUN.J and Canada Goose recently unveiled their new winter-ready capsule.

Images: 2G



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