Billionaire Boys Club & HIDDEN.NY Team up on a Joint Merch Collection

Co-branded streetwear staples.
hidden.ny bbc ice cream hoodie

HIDDEN.NY is living proof that the sartorially-inclined youth of today consume fashion news in a vastly different manner from that of yesteryear. Busting out onto the scene as if from nowhere, the enigmatic Instagram account has yet to craft a fully-fleshed out capsule collection, or provide any sort of informational narrative on what it stands for; but at the end of the day, does it even really matter? Outside of offering a small assortment of branded goods, like socks and tees, HIDDEN.NY has gained notoriety for its tightly-curated mood board of rare fashion finds, on top of spotlighting reputable tastemakers who continue to shape the pop-culture space as we know it.

Billionaire Boys Club has joined forces with the popular social media page on a concise capsule that highlights a range of familiar touch points fans of the old-school brand will immediately recognize. For instance, classic imagery of the retro ICE CREAM logo, along with BBC’s Astronaut caricature and Running Dog emblem show face on a swarm of hoodies, T-shirts and socks. Each of the above is met with HIDDEN.NY’s now infamous encircled “h” logo.

The collaborative HIDDEN.NY x BBC ICE CREAM collection will officially be up for grabs via Billionaire Boys Club’s website. In other fashion news, Carhartt WIP co-designed a capsule collection with six independent record labels.



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