Social Media Starlet Billie Newland Unveils Her “Nouvelle Terre” Capsule Collection

Parisian glam through a comfy WFH lens.
Billie Newland

Irrespective of where you are in life—figuratively, physically and professionally speaking—social media sits at the epicenter of how pop-culture news is consumed. At the forefront of this new-age style of networking are apps that help connect brand builders to certain audiences of interest. To culture-hungry millennials, social media involves pouring tons of man hours into Instagram, TikTok and YouTube as a way to engage with those who support their creative visions.

Over the past few years, the practice of social media itself has moved further and further away from a pleasurable pastime and into the thick of mainstream business functionality. A quick look around at the professional landscape easily supports this train of thought, despite the perceived pitfalls attached to it. No longer viewed as something to kill time in between professional pursuits, companies in every industry dedicate time and effort to attract effective media marketers as part of their respective sales teams; what better way is there to spread operational awareness than these multifunctional channels? Large-scale companies aren’t the only entities who have learned to leverage the unbridled power of social sharing either; in fact, content creators—as many are being referred to as—represent a large potion of what street culture dictates as cool. As far as fashion-forward youth are concerned, Billie Newland represents an informed voice of style, but, more importantly, one of change as well.

Hailing from the mighty American Mid-West, Billie Newland is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer, who shares style tips, beauty hacks and general lifestyle musings with any and all willing to listen. Like so many other content creators who preach the powers of personal style, Billie loved the idea of fashion as a youngster growing up, but had no conceivable framework of how to put that into practice. Some would be shocked to find out that Billie was once a promising med school student who dreamt one day of joining her family in medicine. It’s safe to say she sidestepped her earlier aspirations of working behind a medical clipboard for one propped in front of her iPhone; we for one, are glad she did. 

The social media starlet made the move into Fashion Marketing & Design, bringing her ever-so closer to the world she envisioned herself playing in. As difficult a decision it was to forego her initial aspirations of medicine, Billie should be commended for chasing down her passion in the face of such economic uncertainty. While in pursuit of her Fashion Marketing & Design diploma, Billie pivoted to the world of blogging as a way to initially scratch her stylistic itch (proof is in the pudding though; check out this clip of Billie exploring the inner nuances of how to style knee-high socks). Although in complete control of her creative faculties, the lifestyle influencer is of the mind to push forward as much as her following will allow, making sure not to take for granted the opportunity she so bravely carved out for herself. At the end of the day, there is tangible reality capping her from doing this as a middle-aged professional. And, its this distinct point of view that is guiding her to realize a dream; empower the next crop of visionaries wanting to fulfill their own cultural legacies.

The Iowa-native is keen on expanding her cultural reach with a tangible offering that intersects many of her own personal milestones. If Billie makes a living teaching others how to create signature looks using a plethora of different brand names, does her messaging not become all the more stronger when referring to her own clothing line? Here, is where we find Billie Newland today.

In aligning with urbancoolab’s AI platform, the noted influencer is emphasizing a need to differentiate herself from what others in the field are doing. As an inspirational touch point for her collection, Billie revisited her time living abroad in one of the most, if not, most fashionable city on planet earth, Paris. Garment design, in general, is looked at as a way of life in that part of the world, and is seen as a true extension of one’s personality. More so about personal narratives than anything else, clothing is a type of cultural currency that paints a picture of who people aspire to be. As a result, Billie sought to strike a balance between who she is a tastemaker, and as a woman navigating through life’s many obstacles. 

“My collection comes from a desire to look fashionable with zero compromise. If you ask me, nothings more “fashionable” than comfort & confidence. This collection aims to do just that, while giving you the complete freedom to be uniquely you.”

Part of the creative’s conceptual brief was to ensure her capsule would be as representative of the time as can possibly be. With the world forced to “fall” at the hands of a killer virus, society was forced to a life within our own four walls. In that regard, Billie made sure the resulting output was also reflective of what was happening in the world today. At some point in the coming months ahead, workplaces will begin to shore up operations with the ease of certain lockdown restrictions, but will have to decide whether a return to the office is in the cards. With this train of thought surfacing to the forefront, Billie thought to extend the whole WFH movement beyond pandemic protocols. Her thematic “Nouvelle Terre” capsule collection mirrors that sentiment in the most earnest of ways.

For more on Billie Newland, be sure to drop by to check out her “Nouvelle Terre” collection. Meanwhile, in other fashion news, be sure to check out rapper Chris Crack’s “ThanksUncleTrillBrand” collection.



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