BAPE & mastermind Reinterpret Basic Sportswear

Skull and ape heads well represented.
Bape mastermind spring summer 2020

For years, BAPE and mastermind have helped push contemporary streetwear to the fashion forefront—in a way cementing Japan’s authority within the fledgling community. The new mastermind vs A BATHING APE® Spring/Summer 2020 collection picks up where the their collaborative Spring/Summer 2019 left off, assembling a sportswear-inspired range with a flurry of familiar cues integrated throughout.

A somber color scheme centered around tonal black speaks of the mastermind ethos, while military-influenced camo prints central to A BATHING APE®’s design language helps up the capsule’s artistic ante. The two-piece jogger set, complete with both, mastermind’s infamous skull & crossbones logo and BAPE’s instantly-recognizable ape head, provides a snapshot of the project’s co-branding efforts, as does the trio of T-shirt designs. A black-hued snapback, which places the same cooperative branding technique alongside a decorative brim hoop rounds out the comprehensive range.

Meanwhile, in other fashion news, AMBUSH and MatchesFashion teamed up on a Spring 2020 capsule collection.



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