BAPE’s “Gold Rush” Denim Capsule Draws Influence from Old-School Workwear

A lesson on workwear manipulation.
BAPE gold rush denim collection


BAPE is easily one of the hardest working brands in the streetwear space today. In fact, the Japanese stalwart is looked upon as an authoritative figure whose designs effectively cross into various subcultures, territorial regions and timelines. Apart from crafting capsules that adhere to the industry’s rigid calendar, BAPE remains keen on pushing forward, continuously fleshing out ways to honor other creative arenas; be it conceptual theme or noteworthy collaboration.



BAPE returns to unravel its new “Gold Rush” denim collection centered around 19th century workwear. And with that in mind, an assortment of work-centric staples are thrown into the mix, including a sturdy denim trucker jacket, utility-style vest, chino trousers, shorts, and a set of graphic T-shirts that juxtapose well against a stream of bucket hats. Expressive embroidery patches artistically uplift key pieces, as do the creative branding cues seen strewn across the assemblage of tees. Lastly, as a cool creative touchpoint, every piece in the range—apart from the T-shirts—contains a gold nugget-style bottle opener that is sewn right into the pocket.

The BAPE “Gold Rush” denim collection will make its way to retailers sometime in March. In case you missed it earlier, Coca-Cola, atmos and Columbia recently linked up on a three-way sportswear collaboration.



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