BAPE Reworks the MA-1 and N3-B Jackets for Alpha Industries

Back by popular demand.


Over the past few years, BAPE and Alpha Industries have co-designed a slew of expressive outerwear pieces, including the American-based brand’s iconic bomber jacket. Back by popular demand, both labels will look to reissue a pair of gems that first stormed the scene back in 2018. Initially showcased at BAPE’s 25th-anniversary “BAPE XXV” exhibition, is their joint MA-1 and N3-B capsule collection. Both variants boast a crossbreed of design cues central to both, namely, Alpha’s signature “Replica Gray” hue, in addition to BAPE’s infamous Camo print.



The MA-1 bomber calls attention to camo-tinged panels straddling the back and left sleeve with Ape heads, Shark caricatures and BAPE STA stars imbued throughout. Conversely, the N3-B parka makes use of those same accents, however, does shine a spotlight on a “No Windage Hold Off” patch on the rear side, with a bold “FUNTHERA MILITIA” stamp printed just beneath.

The BAPE x Alpha Industries MA-1 and N3-B capsule is now available at participating BAPE stockists and thorough its official web store. Speaking of BAPE, be sure to check out the new 1460 Boot it co-created with Dr. Martens.



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