A Valentine’s Day-Themed Banksy Mural Gets Plastered on a Home in England

Including a cascading wall of red roses.

Confirmed via Instagram by the maestro himself, Banksy found a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most “Banksy” way he knows how; thorough expressive artwork. Etched onto the side wall of a house in Bristol, England, sits a familiar graffiti scrawl based on one of the artist’s more recognizable motifs.

Passerby’s will immediately take note of a slingshot-wielding cupid character, who appears to have blasted a giant object out of the sky, resulting in a violent explosion of cascading red roses. The decimated bouquet was achieved by placing painted ivy blooms along the wall and positioning them in the aggressive manner we see before us.

According to The Guardian, owners of the home appreciate the gesture and are even looking to encase it completely in glass as a way to best preserve its authenticity. “There’s been a lot of debate if it is a Banksy or not. Most people I’ve spoken to think it 100% is, and they’re naming it the Valentine’s Banksy. It’s incredible and beautiful,” explained a member of the family.

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