Banksy Donates Past Work to Help Benefit Children’s Hospital

While also helping the Stroke Unit.
banksy Mediterranean sea view 2017

Banksy has had a busy run of things over the past little while, first unveiling his new book You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat And If You Were Not You Would Know, and most recently donating past works to Sotheby’s. The enigmatic street artist has elected to auction off his “Mediterranean sea view 2017” triptych to help raise funds for Children’s Hospital and Stroke Unit.

Created in light of the European migrant crisis, Banksy updated a trio of 19th-century-style seascape canvases by sprinkling a throng of abandoned lifejackets here and there. The politically-charged piece acts as a social commentary on migrants who have tragically perished attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Proceeds from the sale of “Mediterranean sea view 2017” will go towards procuring necessary medical equipment for BASR hospital in Bethlehem.

Banksy’s “Mediterranean sea view 2017” can now be viewed on Sotheby’s website. In case you missed it earlier, Banksy honored healthcare workers with commemorative artwork.

Images: Sotheby’s



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