Balenciaga Designs a Safety Pin Accessory You Can Wear

In the form of a unisex-style earring.
balenciaga spring summer 2020 safety pin earring gold


Long gone are the days when fashionable jewelry entailed simplistic stud/hoop earrings and chain clasp necklaces; look no further than such brands as Off-White™ and Balenciaga. With fashion far more satirically expressive than ever before, we’re beginning to see more items like, decorative face masks and chest-rig body pouches, amongst others. Demna Gvasalia further fuels this narrative with yet another innovative accoutrement to add to Balenciaga’s historic catalog.



Fresh for the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2020 season, is this unisex earring design coming courtesy of the Georgian-bred designer. The luxury label’s Punk Safety earring unmistakably takes the form of the commonplace pin clasp, although does boast some hefty add-ons; elevated price tag and all. Fashioned in Italy from 100 percent brass, the gold-toned accessory features a top-side hoop clasp that properly secures the pin detail, with Balenciaga’s double-B emblem debossed along the clasp head.

Set to a retail price of $226 USD, you can find Balenciaga’s Gold Punk Safety Pin Earring at such retailers as Antonioli. In case you missed it earlier, IKEA crafts the KNORVA hat from its famed FRAKTA bag.



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