AMBUSH Revives Signature Jewelry Pieces for First NFT Collection

Bringing back some recognizable POW! pieces.

AMBUSH is the latest streetwear label to enter the ever-expanding web3 space with art formed as cutting-edge NFT designs. The Japanese brand’s move into the Metaverse explores the narrative of how those who operate within the boundaries of traditional design can participate in ways that are central to their respective ethos’. As more and more artists look to make their mark with digital collectibles, we’re seeing names like AMBUSH, Nike, Gucci, BAPE and others adding their own stylistic flare to the space, in turn adding value to audiences otherwise unfamiliar with how setups like these operate.

One surefire way to incite curiosity from their own respective audiences is to add layers of nostalgia to the art in question. In a similar way to how Gucci utilized signature prints and symbols to form its NFT collection with SUPERPLASTIC, so too is AMBUSH calling upon what it considers familiar to construct its latest project. Before setting the luxury fashion industry ablaze with YOON’s flare for the dramatic, the brand was known for constructing lavish jewelry pieces; the brand appears to be moving back to its earlier roots with the new “Reboot” collection.

For AMBUSH’s inaugural NFT offering, the imprint has chosen to revive some of it’s more recognizable POW! accessory pieces. Spread out over a diversified mix of 2,022 designs, digital art in the form of rings, for instance, will hit the market in shades of glitter, purple, neon green, light gray, amongst others. AMBUSH’s forthcoming “Reboot” NFT collection will go up for sale on February 14 via

In other NFT news, Coachella is offering lifetime festival passes in the form of NFTs.



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