adidas Originals Is Launching an Avatar Creation Platform

An AI-powered platform for its forthcoming Ozworld collection.
adidas Originals Ozworld NFT

In a move that sees heritage sportswear collide head-on with forward-thinking tech, adidas Originals is launching the world’s first personality based AI-generated avatar creation platform. Set up in collaboration with Ready Player Me–a Web3-friendly app ​​that allows users to explore virtual worlds with one consistent identity–the project will help facilitate the pursuit of self expression whereby users can create digital versions of themselves.

Once user avatars are created, participants have the option of purchasing digital sneakers directly from the collection, and can even download their Ozworld alter ego to deploy as stickers and GIFs across their social media accounts.

“Whether IRL or URL, the Ozworld collection boldly represents a platform for style experimentation and a rallying call for the pursuit of personal expression. Building on this undeniable spirit, the accompanying web experience champions the essence of individual personalities rather than physical appearances by prompting users to answer a series of questions – including picking their favorite Ozworld footwear silhouette – in order to learn more about who they are. Once this information has been shared, the platform will translate the input into a unique digital avatar that takes aesthetic inspiration from the collection’s dynamic visual codes,” adidas explains in a recent press statement.

From an operational standpoint, the Ozworld platform is a mechanism adidas Originals will use to create a truly open and optimistic Metaverse for its followers.

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