adidas and Photographer Brock Fetch Unveil MYSHELTER COLD.RDY Parka

Form and function personified.
adidas brock fetch

With cultural ambassadors spread out over fashion, music, sports, and even food, adidas has the luxury of moving between creative realms with relative ease. Although not considered your typical fashion influencer by any means, the Three Stripes brand singled out the multifaceted mind of sharpshooter Brock Fetch with whom to co-create with next. The brief was to transform the artist’s operational needs into sound functional features, which at times means battling Mother Nature’s inclement weather storms. 

Equipped with insulating technologies, the statement-making MYSHELTER COLD.RDY parka features exaggerated baffling properties with multiple HyperDRY Goose Down sectionals and elasticated cuffs that help retain welcomed warmth. Other notable highlights include waterproof pockets, integrated carry straps, and a reversible vest housing a trio of photos snapped by Fetch himself.

When asked to comment on the eclectic design, a spokesperson for adidas Outdoor said, “We wanted to ensure we met his needs on delivering something that lived beyond hype — it had to be functional and something that people would actually wear.” Brock Fetch countered the above with, “The release is for those stepping outdoors, and those moving through the city,” adding, “It’s a jacket built for warmth and protection against the elements, no matter the length of exposure and no matter the location… I’m personally excited about the extra storage that’s coming via manipulated pockets — you’re getting ample room for your essentials, your T4, and a couple rolls of film.

The Brock Fetch x adidas MYSHELTER COLD.RDY parka is now available for purchase online. In case you missed it, Nike and Supreme unveiled a new Air Max Plus.



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