AC Milan Will Drop It’s First-Ever NFT Collection

Proceeds going towards helping certain global catastrophes.
AC Milan NFT collection

AC Milan is the latest big-name sports team to try its hand at NFTs. Over the past few months, we’ve seen representatives from the NFL, WWE and NBA release themed NFT collections that offer their followers unprecedented access to events and products representative of each’s respective core competency. 

The Italian pro football club has joined forces with BitMEX crypto exchange to form a digital collection aimed to help Fondazione Milan; AC Milan’s official charity arm. In order to help fund projects carried out by Fondazione Milan, the collaborating parties are gearing up to sell a limited-edition collection of 75,817 NFTs, which corresponds to the number of seats found within the club’s home stadium. A 3D image of an AC Milan jersey found in South Sudan by Danish war photographer Jan Grarup will act as the visual catalyst of the offering.

BitMEX has committed to kick start the launch by purchasing a large number of NFTs, while also providing lucrative trade discounts and other such incentives to the first 10,000 pre-orders.

As far as charitable specifics go, AC Milan has stated the importance of supporting global causes taking place in the world today, including the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, as well as a UNICEF project in South Sudan.

In other NFT-related news, adidas Originals is readying the release of its new Avatar creation platform alongside Ready Player Me.



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