2 Chainz & Skooly Praise Virgil Abloh’s Creative Prowess in New Track

Aptly named, “Virgil Discount.”
2 chains virgil discount Louis Vuitton

With the release of the record, “Virgil Discount,” ATL rappers, 2 Chainz and Skooly, have successfully carved out a moment in contemporary pop-culture history by homogenizing the worlds of streetwear and hip-hop. As so poignantly implied, the name Virgil in the song title alludes to none other than Louis Vuitton/Off-White™ frontman, Virgil Abloh.

The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music hitmaker can be heard belting out such lyrics as, “Walked out of Louis like a Virgil discount, if it ain’t a 100 its a miscount,” which along with the featured wares both can be seen rocking, more than depict Abloh’s impact on today’s urban landscape. Chainz, for instance, shows his appreciation for LV’s Multi 3D Pocket Gilet and 1.1 Millionaire Sunglasses, while Skooly dons a clean Off-White™ track jacket. Visuals for the catchy track more than resemble an immersive lookbook, with an army of models cloaked in statement Abloh creations.

“Virgil Discount” signifies Chainz’s evolution in high-fashion’s evolutionary scale, previously bearing ties to Givenchy and Versace before moving on to fashion’s current man of the moment. Be sure to check out the video below for a closer look.

Speaking of Virgil Abloh, check out Off-White™’s new “LUNAR NEW YEAR” collection.



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