1017 ALYX 9SM Closed out Paris Fashion Week With Refined Elegance

Structured outerwear personified.
Alyx Paris fashion week fall winter 2020
Elizabeth Pantaleo / Nowfashion

Elizabeth Pantaleo / Nowfashion

Since bursting out onto the scene roughly five years ago, Matthew Williams, under 1017 ALYX 9SM, has helped reshape contemporary fashion—forever and for the better. His well-established oeuvre has carried him through the larger sartorial collective, including Kim Jones at house Dior. Williams’s innovative ethos is one centered around technical evolution; a vision hinged upon formality and practicality. 

Elizabeth Pantaleo / Nowfashion

Elizabeth Pantaleo / Nowfashion

Housed within a soaring glass atrium, ALYX closed out Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020 with a brand new cold-weather range. As expected, outerwear caught the lion’s share of the attention, with sturdy leather Macs, structured blazers, jewel-encrusted rain coats and puffed parkas parading down the runway. Several pieces spoke of the label’s commitment to technical evolution, spotted time and time again in the industrial-style buckles underscored throughout.

Elizabeth Pantaleo / Nowfashion

Elizabeth Pantaleo / Nowfashion

Elsewhere, silhouettes were kept clean and tailoring cut close with an air of refined elegance permeating throughout. Williams deviated ever-so slightly from the functional framework normally employed and fashioned looks considered stylishly sophisticated. With that said, a handful of male models sauntered out in sharp blazers, while their female counterparts donned flowy dresses and sharply-pressed pant suits.

An assortment of bag designs and tonal leather boots did well to accentuate many of the featured fits, which when considering ALYX’s imaginative approach to art, comes off as effortlessly easy. For more Paris Fashion week news, Dior paid homage to Judy Blame in Fall/Winter 2020 collection.



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